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@indranil Deo
Tested the code.
There are 2 issues.
1) My chart is ‘click-and drag’. After clicking for dragging, it creates unnecessary input field.
2) The input fields added are not (of course) persistent. Therefore let me consider your first suggested solution in this jsfiddle .

Help requested for one addition —
the extra info typed by user needs to be added programatically in the json input data. The data file is stored as sampleFilename.json on local drive. I have a button to select the file and the same is passed to a script for parsing into json object and further passed to CanvasJS.Chart.
This jsfiddle for file load code shows how I load file data.
(although in this jsfiddle, I could not include canvasjs.min.js. Do not know how do I include it in jsfiddle).

Any idea as to how do I add it programatically in the data (after user inputting the same)?