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1. How can we perform some action when a chart rendered successfully, I mean like we can alert a popup when a chart completing. Right now the popup will come before the chart complete rendering.

Sorry, event to know the status of chart render is not available as of now.

2. Some of the charts are not loaded on the Ipad. I need to show approx 8 charts on a single page. Although it is working fine with the PC (Windows/Ubuntu/Mac), But having problem loading on the Ipad and other devices (Mostly the Ipad). It says “Total canvas memory use exceeds the maximum limit”.

Earlier WebKit allowed 448MB of canvas buffer memory whereas now they have dropped it to 224MB. Because of this, there was some memory issue with CanvasJS Charts in the latest iOS. However, we had optimized memory consumption in CanvasJS v2.3 – please check out this release blog for more info.

Please follow below guidelines for more optimization:
1. If your page has dynamic charts, update chart options and re-render and don’t instantiate / create new chart on every update.
2. If you are populating data from JSON or CSV using AJAX, instantiate chart once and update data within AJAX request and do not instantiate / create new chart within every AJAX request. Please take a look at this documentation page for step-to-step instruction on rendering chart from JSON data through AJAX.

Also, we will further optimize this behavior in future releases.

Chart from external JSON

Indranil Deo
Team CanvasJS