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Clearly it’s a time zone issue, but as I said: “(e.g., from 16:00 to 16:23, but other zoom levels work too).” “e.g.” means for example, and “but other zoom levels work too” is self explanatory. Again, as an example, zoom the chart so that at least two data points are no longer visible (so that the visible range of x axis labels after the zoom in your chart go, e.g., from 4:30 to 4:51 or from 4:32 to 4:53), then try to pan to the far right of the chart.

BTW, this affects both panning to the right and left sides of the chart, but I don’t see an option to edit the title or the original post. If you don’t zoom far enough away from the right or left side of the chart initially, then it may pan properly the first time (very infrequently). If this happens, try panning to the other side of the chart and the issue will present itself. The issue is painfully obvious.

And just for fun to see if it only applied to mouse events (I was previously using a mouse on the Windows 10 machine), I just replicated it in Firefox on a Note 8 (using finger – stylus doesn’t allow me to zoom the chart). Again, try panning back and forth after the chart is zoomed in a ways.