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The issue seems to be the x-value that’s being passed to the chart-options. Passing x-value read from text-file as timestamp and setting xValueType to “dateTime” should work fine in this case. Please find the code snippet below:

while((data = br.readLine())!= null) {
	String[] splittedString = data.split(" ");
	Double doubleValue = Double.parseDouble(splittedString[4]);
	doubleValue = doubleValue / 1024 ;
	int valueint = (int) Math.round(doubleValue);
	Date date = format.parse(splittedString[1]);	
	map = new HashMap<Object,Object>(); map.put("x",date.getTime()); map.put("y",valueint ); list.add(map);	

CanvasJS JSP Line Chart

PS: Don’t miss out setting xValueType to “dateTime” – as timestamp is passed as x-value.

Vishwas R
Team CanvasJS