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Hello Manoj,

Thank you for your reply. You explained everything perfectly. When my boss makes certain he first touches the chart with a still finger he is able to select data to zoom, and he can scroll the web page back and forth as he pleases.

I would like to make an observation that this is a part of the chart’s user interface that is not readily intuitive. A perfectly intuitive user interface provides elements that are tautologies; their function is self-evident and user confusion is automatically avoided. CanvasJS chart provides no feedback in this area that would lead a user to discover this behavior.

If I may suggest, it might be helpful to provide some kind of visual feedback when touch and touch/move events happen. If, for example, arrows appeared emanating from the point of touch and pointing to the left and right for a while, the user could easily understand that moving his or her finger would scroll the web page. Once that time was over, the arrows could disappear and the data selection process could begin with the display of visual feedback the chart already provides. At a glance, users could know that the meaning of the touch event is changing, and this could be intuitive enough that users won’t get confused and think the chart is broken.

We offer this suggestion as constructive criticism that comes from a place of support. My company is very happy with CanvasJS. You guys have done excellent work here. Thank you for your help.

Onward and Upward,
John Lorenz