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Thanks Ranjan,
I’ve even made it work, with the same solution.
the problem now, is that the date format i want to display (‘YYYY-MMM-DD hh:mm:ss’) doesn’t apply<
I still come out with the hh:mm:ss.
down i post a peace of code:

`var chart = new CanvasJS.Chart(“chartContainer”, {
zoomEnabled: true,
title: {
text: “Nombre de Sites HS”
axisX: {
title: “chart updates every 5 mins”,// + updateInterval / 10000 + ” mins”,
intervalType: “minute”,
ValueFormatString: “YYYY-MMM-DD hh:mm:ss”,
interval: 5
suffix: ” “,
includeZero: false
toolTip: {
shared: true

Thanks for your support