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Vishwas R


In my project it was not displaying any values on graph
I have 2 columns on my table names as stock on x-axis and head in y-axis and name of the table name as db.kpi
Let me know why it was not displaying any data

The sample project that you have shared is not working as it doesn’t include all dependency files. However when I looked into view (index.cshtml), you seemed to be creating new chart instance on every update. I would suggest you to create chart instance once and update dataPoints on every update and re-render the chart.

I have tried your example again there should be some bugs
If i try to change the any value on database which i have already created is not updating on graph and in the same way delete also not working

While updating chart dataPoints, you can empty dataPoints array and update it according to the updated data which you receive from database as shown in this updated sample project.

Vishwas R
Team CanvasJS