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When I print out the dataPoints, this is what I get….. [{“x”:”Panga”,”y”:10},{“x”:”Wheelbarrow”,”y”:5},{“x”:”Mop”,”y”:4},{“x”:”Soft Broom”,”y”:5},{“x”:”Black Bucket”,”y”:14},{“x”:”4 Litres Crown Floor Paint”,”y”:6},{“x”:”1 Litre Crown Gloss Paint”,”y”:3},{“x”:”4 Litres Crown Gloss Paint”,”y”:9},{“x”:”Wall Cure Cement”,”y”:2},{“x”:”White Portland Cement”,”y”:7},{“x”:”Brillient Cement”,”y”:2},{“x”:”Premium Portland Cement”,”y”:8},{“x”:”Hanson Cement”,”y”:12},{“x”:”Lehigh Cement”,”y”:4},{“x”:”Simba Cement”,”y”:3},{“x”:”Savannah Cement”,”y”:1},{“x”:”Blue Triangle Cement”,”y”:11},{“x”:”Paint brush 6\u0027″,”y”:3},{“x”:”S-trap toilet”,”y”:5},{“x”:”P-trap toilet”,”y”:1},{“x”:”25 mm pressure pipe “,”y”:10},{“x”:”50 mm conduit pipe”,”y”:5},{“x”:”4 PVC waste pipe (M/G)”,”y”:11},{“x”:”4 PVC waste pipe (H/G)”,”y”:13}].
It seems my data is fine but why is my graph empty without columns? The y axis shows the numbers but the x axis is blank plus no columns are seen. Kindly assist.