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I managed to figure this out for anyone wanting assistance with how to do this.
The end goal was to create a stacked chart dynamically with dynamically created sections.
This is a potentially much more powerful stacked chart than the one I linked as it allows you to customise and add a ‘name’ to each of the stacks.

I’m also converting an international date format date (ie. 2018-09-23) to epoch for canvasJS to use, see function at the end.

var chart = new CanvasJS.Chart(“chartContainer”, {
title: {
text: “stackedBar using JSOdata”
data: dataPointsR
$.getJSON(“https://web address of json file here”, function(data) {
$.each(data, function(key, val) { // key here is the name of the person as per my first post JSON.
let dataPointR = [];
$.each(val, function(key2, val2) {
var DateEpoch = ConvertDate(key2);
dataPointR.push({“x”: DateEpoch, “y”: val2}) // DateEpoch is 14348846000 and val2 is a number like 12
dataPointsR.push({“toolTipContent”:”{label}<br/>{name}, {m} {y}“,”showInLegend”:”true”,”type”:”stackedColumn”,”xValueType”:”dateTime”,”name”: key ,”dataPoints”: dataPointR})


function ConvertDate(dateToConvert) {
var parts = dateToConvert.match(/(\d{4})\-(\d{2})\-(\d{2})/);
var returnDate = Date.UTC(+parts[1], parts[2], +parts[3]);//, +parts[4], +parts[5]);
return returnDate;