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It does not work for me.
The purpose of the web is to select a date in a form, and in that same web, to show the queries that are made to the database and that canvasjs draw the graph with the sales data.

I check that the data enters the array:

array in json with numeric check:
[{“label”:”TPV 1″,”y”:2},{“label”:”TPV 2″,”y”:2},{“label”:”TPV 3″,”y”:2},{“label”:”TPV 4″,”y”:482}]

which I do not know why canvasjs does not draw it :(

I think canvasjs has no data because it runs in head.
– first: canvas draws the graph (but no have data).
– second: I request the date in the form.
– third: I make operations with data, variables, I draw the html table …
– 4: in the end, I call the chartcontainer, but this has no information, because it has not returned to the head.