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Hi Vishwas,

Yes you were right, is working now but moving the code to rangeChanged function it seems the chart is not render properly and i don’t understand why. I’ve created a jsfiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/unixssh/ubegw036/

Below I’ll try to explain what i want to do and i’ll appreciate your advice :)

In the back-end i have multiple quartz jobs which are running each 1 minute/30 minutes/1 hour using spring framework and insert data particular data in DB.
At the first run of the chart, i’d like to load using ajax call only the 1 hour json data. After the chart is loaded and selecting a range i need to go and get using ajax a 30 minutes data from db and further getting 1 minute data json. All of these because i have a big data load bigger than 10 MB if i load minutes data.

Besides all of these i need to load multiple logarithmic charts in the same CanvasJS chart object, maybe around 5 charts, I know is possible.
Right now i’m trying to figure out if canvasjs is the library i need for supporting all of these and trying to mock the data from backend in the example from jsfiddle.
What would you recommend for my above business case?

Thank a lot,

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