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We currently have plans for building and publishing npm package but no definite timeline yet. However, CanvasJS can be easily imported as a module to any of the front-end frameworks like React, Angular, Vuejs, etc. Below are the steps to import CanvasJS Chart / StockChart.
1. Save canvasjs.min.js (canvasjs.stock.min.js incase of StockChart) within source-folder of your application.
2. Import the library into your app.
For Chart: import * as CanvasJS from './canvasjs.min';
For StockChart: import * as CanvasJS from './canvasjs.stock.min';

Once it’s imported, you are ready to go. Now you can create Chart / StockChart, pass options & render them.

In case you are integrating CanvasJS in React you can check this documentation page for step to step instructions on the integration process.

react column chart

Indrail Deo
Team CanvasJS