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Hi Indranil,

I have a better .csv now:

Date,Sensor (S11),Sensor Temperature (S12),Sensor (S21),FlowMeter Total (D2),Output (A1),Output (A2)
11/16/2017 00:10:00,880,69.7,8.32,0,8.8,65.8,
11/16/2017 00:20:00,881,69.7,8.31,0,8.8,65.8,
11/16/2017 00:30:00,882,69.6,8.32,0,8.8,65.9,
11/16/2017 00:40:00,884,69.5,8.32,0,8.8,66.0,

I would need column 4,5,6,7 in 1 chart as multiple lines.
All samples and documentation “Creating Charts from CSV” shows only an ONE line-chart.
I have no idea how the code should look for 4 or more lines in 1 chart.
Do you have any example for this?