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Hi Indranil,

Sorry to jump in uninvited, but I would like to support the OP in this request as I also find this feature a bit annoying! I don’t think there is any difficulty in reproducing the issue, but it seems you don’t think it is a problem.

In your example above, it is only possible to reproduce your screenshot if the user manages to release the mouse on the *exact pixel* at the top-left corner of the data area. One pixel too far to the left or top and the selection box disappears and they have to start again, or keep the mouse button depressed and try to hit that pixel with the selection box flickering on and off. If the user compensates by selecting a slightly too small area, they then have to switch to panning mode to check that they are seeing all the data. This makes a very frustrating user experience. It would be better if the selection area simply clamped to the appropriate chart edge whenever the mouse moves outside the valid region.

In our application we are displaying a time series of historical data and allowing zooming only on the X-axis. It is natural for the user to want to zoom in on the most recent data, and most people do this by selecting the oldest date of interest and swiping quickly to the right-edge of the data area. It is very counter-intuitive that the selection disappears if the swipe action overshoots the plot limit by a tiny amount.